When it all started…

Sept 2015

We were faced with the dilemma of having two retail units beside our family run pub vacant & we needed to act quick as to what we wanted to do with them so that they could generate revenue for our existing business & also add value back into the community of our beautiful village, Sallins.

Desire, Passion & Drive

After having changed our business model at Lock 13 Gastropub by offering locally sourced food produce & flavoursome local craft beers, we decided that we wanted to have the best beer consistently in Ireland, Europe &  The World and we felt the only way to do this was to create our own little micro brewery that would allow our customers both enjoy by drinking it, but they could also see the beer being made from Grain to Glass. Our team here at Lock 13 Gastropub bought into our dream & never let us take our eye of the beer, even when there seemed to be no clear path to the end product of having our own brewery. Nearly two & a half years on we have created Kildare’s 1st Ever Brewpub creating another family business for future generations to hopefully steer upwards & onwards if they choose.


Setbacks, Regulation, Never Give Up

It was a long road to get to where we are today as we have many hurdles to overcome in relation to change of use on our planning, local council regulations, building regulations & the hardest of all the Revenue Commissioners strict guidelines in starting up any type of brewing or distilling facility. Would we do it all again? Of course we would, no one said it was ever going to be easy & if it was then everybody would be doing it!!!

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