Helles Lager

We let our beer condition naturally. All our beers are unfiltered, unpasteurized & without compromise. Our Helles Lager is no different & it takes 5-6 weeks from the time we brew to tapping at our beer tower for us to release it, allowing everything that was intended to be tasted left in the beer & NOTHING stripped out.


Railway Heist Red Ale


A Traditional Irish Red Ale which we are very proud of here in Kildare Brewing Company. This takes 10-14 days from the day it's brewed to be ready on our beer tower & ferments very happy at 19 degrees. With it's lower ABV of 3.8%, you might be fooled into thinking that it lacks flavour and body, but you would be very wrong. Our Master Brewer has packed 7 different malts into the mash tun to create a beer that is full on flavour but not too overpowering that you won't want to buy another one, two or even three...

Soldier's Island American Pale Ale

Typical fresh, malty & 5 hopped pale ale. We have created a fruity pale ale which will cater for both the craft beer lovers & also be approachable to the mainstream beer drinker who is looking for something easy to drink but still full of flavour. Our House Pale Ale is similar to an American Style Pale Ale with stone fruit aromas married together with a light but complex malt profile. There is a light & pleasant spicy notes which are completed by the presence of some tropical & pineapple characteristics.

WeissMill Weiss Beer

Banana, Bubblegum & Hazy Beer. Really good mouthfeel, needs to be drank fresh to savour all the aromas. Sessionable Weiss Beer at 4.4%