At Kildare Brewing Company our focus is to create premium micro brewed beers with sustainable methods that will only enhance our customer’s experience when choosing one of our beers. We are very conscious of the local environment that our business will be operating in & want to be an asset to this environment & surrounding community not a burden on its resources. We are focussed on using 100% Irish Malts from our local maltings (Minch Malt) within the next 5 years. Our policy will be if it doesn’t have to be thrown out what other viable use can we make from it so it does not be called ‘waste’. We aim to reduce our water  & electricity usage year on year, employ local people hence reducing carbon footprint of long commuting, support our employees through education & health initiatives to make them more productive & have a higher level of job satisfaction. We also are supporting local charities, sporting & community groups where at all possible & we think this is also apart of what sustainability means for our small organisation.