What we do @ Kildare Brewing Company

Firstly, we are an independent family run brewery & gastropub which has allowed us to create Kildare's 1st Ever Brewpub. We are 2nd Generation Publican's which has allowed us to become 1st Generation Brewery owners, which we are very grateful for from past generations.

Secondly, all of us here at Kildare Brewing Company & Lock 13 are passionate about what we put on our plates & pour into our glasses, so when the idea was discussed to undertake a brewery project, there was an overwhelming yes as we would be in control of what went into your glass, unfiltered, unpasturised & no compromised fresh beer which is brewed 5 metres away.

At Kildare Brewing Company, we have created Kildare's 1st ever Brewpub & we are very proud of what we achieved to date. It has taken us 2 years from idea to completing this project, which has at times been strenuous on all parties involved. Today, we have a world class facility which when visiting Lock 13 Gastropub you can see through the glass wall (bullet proof glass, don't ask) & drink the freshest beer that is produced in Ireland today.. Why not come see our bespoke brewhouse & have a beer with us at Lock 13 or maybe book a brewery tour which we can tell you everything you ever needed to know about our brewhouse up close & personal..